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Celebrate Spring with Healthy, Lighter Cooking

A change in weather in Southern Nevada certainly has some folks thinking about a change in our food choices. Before it gets too hot to make too much inside, capitalize on some of the beauty and nutrition of spring’s bounty with great ideas for easy spring dinners at home.

Love pasta? Mix it up and lighten it up using whole wheat or legume-based pasta. Using some favorite spring vegetables, sauté asparagus, fresh green spring peas, and garlic together. Top with parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, and a good squeeze of lemon. Enjoy the fresh, bright colors and flavor.

Consider making soup the focus of dinner using fresh carrots. Sauté fresh carrots, freshly peeled ginger, and onions in butter and add chicken stock. When soft, use a blender to make a smooth soup. Add in unflavored Greek yogurt or cream and top with dill.

Butter lettuce is a welcome reprieve from regular greens and in the spring can be found at many local farmer’s markets. Sauté chopped chicken and garlic and top with shredded carrots, green onions, and a quick sauce of hoisin and rice vinegar to make homemade lettuce wraps. With a pot of rice, this makes for a hearty and light spring meal.

Fresh fish or chicken grilled or sliced makes for wonderful impromptu wraps. Choose whole wheat tortillas and wrap up your favorite protein with some sour cream, fresh spinach, fresh cabbage, and salsa.

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