What we've learned from COVID-19, where we currently are with COVID-19, and how we're looking ahead to tomorrow.

Looking Ahead to Tomorrow: COVID-19 in 2021

On Thursday, January 21, Dr. Manas Mandal, Associate Professor of Pharmacy, Roseman University of Health Sciences, Fulbright Specialist, and researcher in Immunology with a focus on viral vaccines spoke virtually to a large group of community members, faculty, students, and colleagues with updates on  COVID-19 and how 2021 will look in the face of the pandemic. Dr. Mandal presented to the Neighborhood Health Series guests an optimistic and hopeful look ahead in how life could improve with increased vaccine administration, consistent mask wearing and the ongoing pursuit of scientific discovery. Dr. Mandal punctuated his presentation with various quotations by Albert Camus and Thucydides, which refer to the Cholera Outbreak in 1849, the Bubonic Plague in 1556, and the Plague in Athens in 430 BC.

A Review of COVID-19

Dr. Mandal reviewed current COVID tests, treatments, Investigational and Concomitant drugs, Convalescent Plasma/Monoclonal Ab, and the vaccines currently available and in development. As of the day of his presentation, there were 24,440,100 total cases of COVID-19 in the US and 406,196 deaths. Dr. Mandal pointed out recent declines in daily COVID-19 cases in Nevada as well as declines in overall test positivity rates. He also reviewed the latest in vaccine data which indicated that roughly 0.54% of Nevada’s population has been vaccinated thus far. Nevada is currently in the expansion of Tier One of administration and follows the CDC’s vaccination recommended schedule

Advances with COVID-19

Dr. Mandal revealed his personal hopes for the future and his feeling that despite immense loss, tremendous scientific and clinical advances were made in 2020-2021. This work has led to national and international collaboration in public health policy, treatment, vaccine development, deployment and roll-out. On the day of Dr. Mandal’s talk, The White House announced The National Pandemic Testing Board and COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force creation, an executive order focused on ensuring a sustainable public health workforce of COVID-19 and other biological threats.

Local COVID Vaccination Information

In addition to offering a hopeful look ahead, Dr. Mandal offered information on local vaccination efforts through Roseman University’s Vaccine Clinics – information can be found at roseman.edu/covid-vaccination or by calling the Information Line at 702-968-7750. Other vaccine information can be found through Southern Nevada Health District

RMG is not administering COVID-19 vaccines at this time, however if you are in need of a primary care doctor please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Mandal’s entire presentation can be found at speakers.roseman.edu. The series is sponsored by community partner Clark County Credit Union.

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