Engaging our Hearts – Ways to Stay Connected To Others

Introvert, Extrovert, Busy, Tired, or in times of quiet, we humans crave and need the power of connection. Connection to one another has been shown to decrease health risks and improve overall well-being and longevity, cognition, and our immune systems.

During Heart Health Month, consider ways that you connect with your family, neighbors, co-workers, community members, and even those folks you see daily like the grocery store checkout person or the teller at the bank. Consider how you can connect more meaningfully, and perhaps do something kind for someone else, which in turn returns dividends to one’s own happiness and feeling of connection.  In your home, pick up a chore for someone else like making dinner or taking out the trash, or organize a family card night or family evening walk in the moonlight. In your neighborhood, bake something for a neighbor, bring up their trash cans, or plan a neighborhood potluck or yard sale. At work, compliment someone’s efforts, bring a small gift or a cutting from your yard or the park to someone who is often not recognized, or get a coffee for a coworker without being asked. In your community, join a volunteer event, donate blood, or join a class at the community center. And to those folks you see often, who often are overlooked, say “thank you”, ask them how their day is going or if they have any weekend plans, and really listen to what they say.

Each of these suggestions requires effort and an investment of time, but will undoubtedly bring joy to others, and a feeling of connection to you.

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