Featured physician for the month of November is Dr. David Ginsburg. Practicing neurologist at Roseman Medical Group and ALS advocate.

Featured Physician – Dr. David Ginsburg

Neurologist Breaking Barriers in Patient-Centered Care

Dr. David Ginsburg, a practicing Neurologist at Roseman Medical Group, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the nervous system and neurological disorders. A Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a residency in neurology at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center are just two of the credentials which guided and helped Dr. Ginsburg find his passion for helping patients with neurological disorders.

Always having an interest in circuits and gadgets, it is easy to see why neurology – somewhat an extension of those concepts involving the human body – made complete sense to Dr. Ginsburg. Other guiding factors in his pursuit for helping patients with neurological disorders were the realization of untapped knowledge within the field of neurology, the large gaps in patient care, and experiencing his own family members’ dementia diagnoses. In acknowledging these factors, Dr. Ginsburg is breaking barriers in patient-centered care through caring for the whole patient, using innovative practices for early and accurate diagnoses, and continuing to be an advocate for the many neurologic disorders – such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease).

ALS Explained

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease affecting the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The disease characteristically involves a gradual onset. The symptoms can vary amongst individuals, although advanced muscle weakness and paralysis are commonly experienced. These commonly experienced symptoms can make everyday tasks very difficult – such as grasping objects or even walking.

The ALS Association states that over 5,000 people are diagnosed every year with someone being diagnosed or passing away from ALS every 90 minutes. Receiving a diagnosis is challenging and overwhelming for both the patient and their caregiver. While there is not yet a cure or treatment for the disease, there are countless amounts of collective knowledge and wisdom available from health care providers, such as Dr. David Ginsburg and his team.

Patient-Centered Care – Breaking Down Barriers

The first challenge for a patient is an early and accurate diagnosis. The second challenge is receiving the proper treatment in a timely fashion. Dr. Ginsburg has met these challenges head-on by utilizing our EMG Laboratory to make early and accurate diagnoses and spearheading the monthly ALS clinic to create ease of access to specialist for ALS patients.

Electromyography (EMG) Laboratory

Electromyography is a type of diagnostic test used to evaluate the body’s nerve and muscle function. It allows for more accurate diagnoses for improved treatment and outcomes. Dr. Ginsburg gained extensive background in neurodiagnostic testing with EMG during his residency in neurology and fellowship in clinical neurophysiology. Today, with his team of professionals, he utilizes this tool to provide real-time diagnosis to patients while providing the highest quality of healthcare. Because of these efforts, Dr. Ginsburg achieved “Exemplary Status” by the American Associate of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM). This accreditation status, as well as his achievement of the first accredited EMG lab within the state of Nevada while working at the UNR School of Medicine in 2012, reflects the dedication of Dr. Ginsburg’s work in caring for his neurology patients.

Monthly ALS Clinic

Compassionate care in a supportive atmosphere and ease of access to specialists are top of mind for Dr. Ginsburg and his patients. Through the multidisciplinary ALS Clinic, Dr. Ginsburg and a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals work together to address the needs of individuals living with ALS. Dr. Ginsburg states, “Although the Clinic is unable to reverse the disease course, the multidisciplinary approach allows them to provide patients with the highest level of care currently available to address their multiple needs.” The clinic provides care to six patients during each monthly half-day clinic in which each patient spends about three hours receiving care from a variety of specialists based on their individual needs. During a given clinic visit a patient can expect to receive access to a speech therapist, occupational and physical therapist, respiratory therapist, dietitians, nursing/social services, and others to assist them in living with the disease. The Clinic helps in eliminating the time and cost associated with having to visit multiple clinics for numerous appointments with various specialists, streamlining care and allowing for treatment of the whole patient.

Defeating ALS

While there is not yet a cure or treatment that stops ALS, continued research and support to find a cure is ongoing. Dr. Ginsburg continues to be an advocate for his patients and their families. Through his continued involvement with pharmaceutical industry-sponsored trials with new medications to participating in the Annual Walk to Defeat ALS, Dr. Ginsburg meticulously works to assist ALS patients through their medical journey while supporting efforts for advanced research.

Receiving a diagnosis and getting the proper treatment and care doesn’t have to be a challenge. Patients with ALS, and their families face enough challenges with the relentless progression of disability. With innovative tools and a drive to provide a positive patient experience, Dr. Ginsburg continues to break barriers in patient-centered care. Dr. Ginsburg’s approach to providing the highest quality healthcare to his patients can be summed up by this thought, “We see patients in their most vulnerable state, and knowing that we provide the best possible care provides patients with a sense of comfort and confidence that we are always available to support their needs. This in turn provides me with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that patients’ needs are being met to the greatest extent possible.”

Please visit the ALS Association at als.org for more information on ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Help Dr. Ginsburg and the Roseman Medical Group defeat ALS by visiting web.alsa.org/goto/roseman as we Walk to Defeat ALS “virtually” on Sunday, November 8.

Article by Kristine Campo

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