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How to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health at the Same Time

As winter approaches, the days are getting shorter, colder, and busier all at the same time. It’s no surprise that we often want to hunker down at night or for the entire weekend. Rest is vital for the body and brain alike, but don’t let that balance shift too far into the winter doldrums.

Just half an hour of physical activity per day is good for the whole self. Some great side effects include:  

  • Better sleep
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Stronger joints, muscles, and bones
  • A lower risk of injury
  • Weight maintenance
  • Emotional regulation

These benefits come with any level of physical activity. Here are some options to get moving – and maybe make some new friends:

  • Join a fitness class. The investment and social connections will help keep you accountable and make going into a habit. 
  • Go for a swim. Indoor pools make swimming a year-round option. Swimming is a great low-impact activity for anyone with arthritis or joint pain.
  • Find a group sports league. Your community might have indoor soccer, basketball, or volleyball leagues in need of players. This is an especially fun way to meet people!
  • Browse some online workout videos. No matter where you live, YouTube brings fitness and activity experts right to your living room. Try out some dance, Pilates, or aerobics workouts at your own pace.

Your doctor can provide expert guidance about which physical activities are best for your specific health needs and concerns. If you’re in need of a new healthcare provider, make an appointment with one of Roseman Medical Group’s empathic, patient-centered primary care providers.

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