Resolutions That Work

Resolutions That Work

The New Year is obviously the time of year when many embark on New Year’s Resolutions. According to Inc., roughly 41% of people make a resolution, but only 9% are successful in keeping their resolution. According to Strava, most only make it to January 19th

Research shows that setting smaller, specific, achievable goals is the key to success. Be honest with yourself about what is achievable and how much you are willing to commit. Get help from others. For instance, if your goals are about saving, reach out to trusted friends and advisors who can help you find ways to save productively. Let friends and family know about your goals (this helps with accountability) so that they can encourage you and even remind you of why you set the goal if you begin to falter.

Also, realize that a day or week of failure is not a sign to quit. It is just a sign that the goal is difficult and that behaviors are hard to change. Practice kindness with yourself, and gratitude. Even setting a goal is an achievement in and of itself. Give yourself thanks every day for trying, forgiveness for setbacks, and praise when you succeed.

Finally, think about redefining the concept of a resolution. Practicing self-care, whether it be in your healthcare, social life, financial or professional life is not an indulgence. It can and should be a vital part of every day, not just in January, as a way to protect ourselves and build resiliency in the face of obstacles we inevitably face.

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