6 tips for a safe Thanksgiving during COVID-19. Roseman Medical Group's Dr. Bruce Morgenstern provides tips for a safe Thanksgiving during COVID-19.

A Safe Thanksgiving during COVID-19

If a muralist was to paint a portrait of the 2020 Thanksgiving celebration, it may look a little different from that of the first feast shared between the Pilgrams and Native Americans in 1621 or even your own feast in 2019.

As the United States continues an upward trend of COVID-19 cases during the month of November, experts are cautioning traditional Thanksgiving celebrations of large gatherings. According to the Nevada COVID Map and Case Count by the New York Times, on November 19 Nevada reported the highest count since the beginning of November with 2,128 cases. Over the past week (11/13/2020-11/19/2020), Nevada has reported an average of 1,839 cases per day which is an increase of 87 percent from the average two weeks earlier.

Dr. Bruce Morgenstern, the senior executive dean for clinical affairs at Roseman University College of Medicine and practicing physician at Roseman Medical Group (RMG), recently shared tips for Thanksgiving preparations during the coronavirus pandemic with KTNV Las Vegas.

For those planning a traditional Thanksgiving during COVID, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some recommendations to minimize the risk of having COVID-19 as an additional guest during Thanksgiving dinner.

6 Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving during COVID

If planning to travel out of state, Dr. Morgenstern suggests getting a flu vaccine before your trip as an added barrier. Whether celebrating close to home or far away, taking necessary precautions could help reduce the risk of COVID-19 or other harmful viruses from affecting you and your loved ones. Call RMG at 702-463-4040 to schedule your flu vaccination today!

Article by Kristine Campo

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