Tridemic 2022

Tridemic 2022

Many of our patients may be hearing about the impending “Tridemic” that is threatening healthcare systems around the country. This year is seeing higher rates of respiratory illnesses, including COVID, Flu, and RSV, which can be attributed to a reduction in mask usage.   According to PBS, more than 75% of pediatric hospital beds are currently occupied, and seniors are being hospitalized at record levels. 

The Southern Nevada Health District warns of increased respiratory illnesses in Nevada as well, reminding residents to take precautions to stay well, including getting adequate rest, and nutrition, washing hands and staying home when sick. While RSV has no vaccine, COVID-19 bivalent boosters (for ages 5 and older) are now available, as are flu vaccines. Those who get the flu can mitigate against extended and severe symptoms by early diagnosis and initiation of an antiviral like Tamiflu.

Many patients find it difficult to identify their illness as symptoms between RSV, COVID-19, and the flu are similar. It is best to see a doctor early when experiencing flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, and congestion. While we continue to see vaccine hesitancy, vaccines provide the best protection and protect children and adults from future infections and longer-term respiratory issues.  Vaccines can be scheduled through Southern Nevada Health District or through your local pharmacy.

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