Roseman Medical Group's combined December and January Health Monthly newsletter covers topics on winter wellness, holiday health tips, and free presentations covering a variety of health and well-being topics presented by experts in the medical field.

Combined December and January Health Monthly Newsletter

Hello and welcome back to our RMG Health Monthly update.

I hope all of our families, patients, and friends are doing as well as can be expected during these unprecedented times.

The past nine months have felt like much longer, but there are signs that the tides will soon be changing.

We look forward to more news about COVID-19 vaccine deployment to our state starting with frontline workers and our higher risk populations.

We urge our patients to practice good primary preventive care, maintain six-feet social distancing, wear their masks, wash hands, eat well, and get plenty of sleep and exercise. Remember to schedule your well-checks and look ahead to 2021 as a year of new opportunity and healthier lives.  Please check out our articles this month on overall health, and wellness goals for 2021.

We welcome Dr. Kaylynn Bowman to our practice! Dr. Bowman is a Roseman College of Pharmacy graduate who as a PharmD, practices with us two days a week. This is an enormous benefit to our patients who may want help to understand how their medications work together and impact their overall health. Read more about Dr. Bowman in this edition.

Also, a quick reminder and invitation to dial in to our monthly Neighborhood Health Series events, which offer free monthly webinars during which faculty presenters share the latest news and updates on a variety of health-related topics. Next year’s line-up is very exciting and is kicked off by Dr. Manas Mandal, who will share progress on the COVID vaccine and how we all look forward post-pandemic.

Please remember that RMG is here for you with telemedicine appointments and Spanish-speaking providers. We also remind patients of the services of Roseman Dental in Henderson, which offers reduced-cost, high-quality General Dentistry and Orthodontic care to our community.  Check out the brand new state-of-the-art dental clinic.

We wish all of our patients a happy and healthy holiday season and we remain grateful to serve all of your healthcare needs now and into the future.

Stay safe and healthy!


Andra Prum, D.O.

December/January Health Monthly Articles

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