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February 2021 Roseman Medical Group Health Monthly Clinic Update

February Health Monthly

Hello and Happy New Year! We hope you are enjoying our Roseman Medical Group Health Monthly. We enjoy reaching out to our patients, partners

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Thyroid awareness. What is the Thyroid? Thyroid problems and diseases. What is hypothyroidism? What is hyperthyroidism? Your thyroid health.

Thyroid Awareness Month

What is the Thyroid? The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped hormone gland that is located at the base of the throat, right below

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Healthy holiday cooking with delicious, nutritious, simple to make, and hearty recipes.

Healthy Holiday Cooking

Winter cooking makes us think of comfort food, good smells in the kitchen, and creating memorable experiences together as a family. Holiday food often

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Practicing self-care, sticking to healthy routines, connecting with family and friends, giving back, finding gratitude, thinking back and looking forward, and giving yourself a break are all tips to having a healthy holiday.

7 Healthy Holiday Tips

This year, the holidays are likely different than years past. With travel restrictions and varying statewide measures in place, CDC guidance recommends limiting exposure

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The Winter season can bring cold temperatures, short days, and unhealthy habits. Check out these 6 winter wellness tips from Roseman Medical Group.

Winter Wellness

The Winter season brings a great amount of joy and excitement – with the thought of the holidays and preparing for a new year.

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