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Syphilis Is on the Rise

The COVID-19 pandemic strained all of our systems, including healthcare, personal relationships, and mental wellness. Although vaccinations, preventative measures, and treatment options have put

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Summer of Monkeypox?

Manas Mandal, PhDFulbright Specialist & Professor When my daughters were young, I used to watch the kid’s movie Summer of the Monkeys with them.

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Food Allergies

Over 32 million Americans are living with potentially life-threatening food allergies, a 377 percent increase from 2007-2016.  One in 13 kids has a food

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Supporting Mental Health

Almost 53 million American adults have been diagnosed with a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder. That’s 21% of our population. Beyond official diagnoses, anyone

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RMG Health Monthly: May 2022 Issue

May 2022 Health Monthly

May is an extraordinarily busy time for many and a happy time as we push into graduations, award ceremonies, end of academic year celebrations

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Easy Ways to Move More

When life feels busy, exercise can fall off the to-do list. Don’t let it! We’re creature of habit, so inactivity easily leads to more

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Summer Sun Safety Tips

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than all other cancers combined. In Nevada, men are nearly twice as likely to be diagnosed with melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer, than women.

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